Venus Factor: Real Fat Loss Solution For Women

It is a known fact that women generally find a harder time shedding excess fat than men. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that generic weight loss products that work for men don’t necessarily work best for women.

There are many reasons why women find it difficult to burn excess fat. According to research, a woman’s body has a tendency to hold on to fat. Lifestyle traps, genes, and diet are some of the reasons that can be used to explain this phenomenon. The good news is that many of these factors can be remedied but you need to find a solution that works.

The Venus Factor program by John Barban was created specifically to help women shed excess fat. It was created with the knowledge that women find it harder to lose fat so the techniques used are not your ordinary fat loss techniques.

The Unique Female Physique

venus factorUnlike most other fat loss programs out there, John Barban’s program is designed to offer more than just weight loss. The techniques are designed to help you achieve the enviable feminine physique with ease.

John Barban uses the Golden Mean to come up with the ideal female measurement ratio for every user. The ratio is referred to as the Venus Index and the techniques in the program are tailored to help women achieve this ratio.

When designing these techniques, Barban considered a number of factors that make it hard for women to shed excess fat. He addresses things such as uncontrolled eating, pregnancy, lack of physical activity, alcohol, skipping breakfast, thyroid issues, stress, and lack of enough sleep, among others.

The gender-specific approach taken in this program appears to give impressive results based on user testimonials. Many women who have used John Barban’s program claim that it worked like a charm for them.

One of the best things about this program is that the workout and nutrition strategies are customizable to individual user needs based on their fitness levels, current weight, age, body type, and height.

Program Components

The program comes bundled with four core components:

  • The main guide: The main guide is the PDF manual that you download immediately after purchase. This is where John explains his approach in detail and the scientific theories behind his philosophy.
  • The workout plan: This component comprises a 12-week workout manual that you are required to follow. It includes a complete video set that shows you how to perform every workout.
  • Virtual Nutritionist: This is an app that generates a customized nutrition plan based on the details you provide about your height, weight, age, fitness, and body type.
  • Forum: This is the online collaboration place where you meet and interact with other users of the program. This community is very crucial for keeping you motivated. Users share their life experiences as well as their experience using the program and you can learn from them.

Overall, John Barban’s Venus Factor program is a good deal based on the info it provides and its unique approach. It uses a gender-specific approach, thus increasing the odds that the techniques will give results.

Turbo Charge Your Fat Loss With Turbulence Training

Are you trying to lose fat but in vain? Chances are you are using a program that’s ineffective for your body. The truth is that most fat loss programs are a waste. They over work your body and starve you at the same time. Although you might actually lose weight, you’ll not be losing excess fat. Instead, your body loses muscle as it is over worked and starved out of nutrients.

To lose excess fat, you need to work your body in a way that doesn’t strain it. You also need to make the right diet adjustments so that you don’t starve.

The Turbulence Training (TT) program introduces a whole new dimension to fat loss. It is premised on the philosophy of less is more when it comes to fat loss workouts.

Released over 10 years ago, the program is now in its second edition as it was updated to incorporate newer concepts in fat loss dieting and training.

How The System Works

turbulence trainingThe system has two parts – a training manual and a nutrition guide.

The training part comprises everything you need to know about working out for effective fat loss. It provides info on how to work out effectively and which workouts to focus on. The newer edition of the system comprises shorter workouts, with a typical session lasting only 30 minutes. In total, you work out 90 minutes a week. The workouts are short but intense and focus on what matters – burning as much fat as possible.

This guide eschews cardio workouts and favors short hardcore workouts. Increasingly, research shows that shorter exercises are better at maximizing the benefits of fat loss from exercising.

The latest edition of the system also features a revamped nutrition component. It’s now basically more optimized and flexible. It is not overly restrictive on foods to eat and users can choose what they want so long as they get the intended nutrients.

The Package

The TT program comes as a complete package comprising several components including the following:

  • A 76-page eBook manual that’s available as a digital download immediately after purchase.
  • For those that prefer audio, there is a collection of MP3s of the workouts. Simply transfer the audio files to your device and start listening.
  • At least two other bonus guides to help you enhance the training and nutrition components.

The real benefit of this system is that it is effective yet easy to implement. By excluding cardio exercises and long workouts, you’ll find it easier to keep up with the weekly 90-minute training schedule. Moreover, the system is suitable for amateurs, intermediates, and pros. It’s a truly different take on fat loss.


The Turbulence Training program was created by renowned fitness guru Craig Ballantyne, a veteran in the industry. There’s little doubt that this was and is still a game changer when it comes to fat loss programs. The techniques used are backed by real life results and thousands of people have confidence in it to work.

Secrets Of The Text The Romance Back System

Do you think you have less time for romance or you just feel that the spark isn’t there anymore and want to give up? Well, Michael Fiore has another idea. He thinks that you can restore the spark in your relationship and be right back where you started. Michael promises that he can show you how to restore romance and passion into your relation. Moreover, he can show you how to do this all using a mobile phone.

Digital Telepathy Using Mobile Phones

text the romance backAccording to Michael Fiore, texting is the closest thing to telepathy. Using a few text messages, Michael claims that you can create your own small fantasy world in which you live with your partner. Using text messaging, you can create a unique lingo that only you and your lover understand. Basically, you can say anything and only your lover will understand.

This is the power that Michael leverages to create powerful text messages that can help you and your partner restore the good old passionate romance.

In his guide Text The Romance Back, Michael brings it all together and shows you exactly how to compose text messages that will give your ex partner tingles. Because of this guide, Michael has gained popularity and has enjoyed the limelight over the past few years since the guide was released. Most famously, Michael was featured on The Rachael Ray Show where he demonstrated the power of his techniques on the author herself.

What Is The Guide About?

Michael Fiore’s guide is basically about restoring faded romance in a relationship. It is an intense manual designed for both men and women regardless of how long you’ve been in a relationship. As mentioned in the previous section, this guide caught the attention of many experts in the dating arena and was featured on The Rachael Ray Show where the techniques were demonstrated to amazingly effective effect.

While the techniques were developed primarily for people in relationships, singles can find them useful as well and can use them to improve their chances of enjoying true romance.

Over the years, Michael mastered the power of text messaging in relationships and has learned how to leverage hat power to achieve amazing goals. One of those goals is to restore the spark in a relationship. If you ever feel like giving up on a relationship because the spark faded, Michael’s guide teaches you how to come out of that miserable situation with relative ease. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together. All that matters is the willingness to try (and may be possession of a mobile phone).

There are lots of message types that you’ll learn about, including when and how to send them. For instance, you will learn how to craft flirtatious texts and when to send them. You’ll also learn attraction oriented texts and the best time to send such texts. There are some sexy and personalized texts you’ll learn about and when to use them.

Overall, Michael’s system is unlike any other. As one of the first of its kind to be released on the market, it hardly has any worthy competition.

Renew Your Body With Old School New Body

When you hit 40, your cells regenerate slower, meaning that you age slightly faster. In fact, as you head towards the 50s, this process only gets worse. It can even be much worse if you are the unfit type that leads a largely sedentary lifestyle. Fortunately, you can do something about it. By performing a selection of simple, effective exercises as well as eating a healthy diet, you can increase the speed of cell regeneration. This will in turn slow down aging and the slew of negative effects it has on your body.

A Different Approach To Fitness

old school new bodyThe old school new body program by Steve and Becky Holman was designed specifically to meet the fitness needs of people in their 40s and beyond. The result is that you will become fitter, stronger, and you’ll look 10 years younger.

Steve and Becky’s approach when developing this program was that you can lose more excess fat by working out less especially when you are over 40. The idea is that you shouldn’t really strain your body in order to lose excess fat. But this can only be possible with a carefully selected set of workouts to follow. Basically, Steve claims that the workouts included in this program are among the top 20% of the best fat loss workouts.

The FX4 Training System

Steve and Becky Holman’s program is based on their unique FX4 training system. The FX4 system comprises a set of workouts that deliver a specific result.

FX4 Lean: The first of the 3 sets of workouts is the FX4 Lean Workouts. These are designed for sustained fat loss and can be used at any age. These workouts are also perfect for beginners who are just starting out with a lifting program. Once you feel that you’ve gained enough lifting experience and are starting to see results, you can then move on to the next stage although this is not necessary if your goal was to trim a few pounds of fat.

The FX4 Shape: This category of workouts is designed to basically whip you into shape. You will gain an attractive physique by working out just 3 days a week. Understandably these workouts are slightly more extensive than those of the previous phase as they entail building some bit of muscle.

The FX4 Build Workouts: These workouts comprise a hardcore muscle building regimen and are intended only for those who want to bulk up. Anyone who wants a peak physique can progress to this phase but like the previous one, it is not compulsory for users of the old school new body program.

All these workouts work great for both women and men. Some men can use the last phase to take their training to extremes, but most people prefer to add visible muscle without the bulky look.

What’s more, Steve include info and tips for avoiding injury, anti aging, dieting, sex and vigor, faster fat loss and muscle gain, as well as keeping healthy as you age.

Does Grow Taller 4 Idiots Work As It Claims

Is there a natural way to increase height? This is the question that most short people ask and would do anything to find a genuine answer. The truth is that being short puts you at an unfair disadvantage in almost all aspects of life. In the current social setting, being short is basically a liability. There’s so much importance placed on appearances that short people find it difficult to stay confident.

Let’s face it; short people are more likely to face social discrimination than taller people. Sometimes it is blatant whereas other times it is not so obvious. For instance, a short adult may look underage and this may cause unintended social discrimination, such as being denied access to bars.

There are many other disadvantages of being short that we cannot mention all of them here. But point is that every short individual wants to do something to increase their height. Grow Taller 4 Idiots by Darwin Smith promises to help short people add up to 4 inches within weeks. Does that seem real or farfetched?

Darwin Smith Speaks From Experience

grow taller 4 idiotsDarwin Smith created this program out of his own experience. Originally Vietnamese, Darwin was just 5’3” when he relocated to the U.S. but his height issues had just begun. In the U.S where most people are generally tall, Darwin was feeling the pinch of being short more than ever before.

After trying out a plethora of supplements, herbs, and a slew of height enhancing programs, Darwin was left with no choice but to carry out his own research. After two years of grueling research, Darwin was finally able to come up with a formula that increased his height naturally. Darwin’s research entailed several interviews with medical experts, researching medical journals and books, as well as carrying out experiments and tests on himself.

Darwin’s Formula

Darwin’s research focused on the human growth hormone (HGH), which plays a crucial role at puberty when your body goes into some sort of growth ‘overdrive’. Needless to say, his formula is based around leveraging HGH to achieve height even if you’re past puberty.

HGH stimulates cell reproduction and regeneration. In other words, HGH stimulates growth. Darwin’s formula teaches users how to control HGH production so that they ultimately gain height. It is claimed that your GHG production increases by 300 percent when using Darwin’s formula.

Diet and Exercise

As you might have guessed, Darwin’s formula revolves around exercise and diet. The formula combines the HGH factor with the right workouts and nutrition plan to put you in the best shape to increase your height. The workouts are not hardcore and strenuous, but they do require effort from you in order to be effective. Consistency is important and so is motivation.

The workouts are designed mainly for spinal decompression. The instructions for performing the workouts are easy and clear to understand. Everything is provided in a clear and concise format.

In the end, your efforts and motivation play a key role in helping you achieve your desired goals.

What Men Secretly Want: Surprising Things You’re Not Told

Contrary to what you’ve been told or what you think, most men are not searching for a Tyra Banks. Most men are simply searching for their soul mate, a woman who understands their wants and needs. A woman who appreciates a man in her life and lets him be the man he was created to be.

Unsurprisingly, most women have a hard time finding success in their relationships. To make matters worse, women have been fed on lies for a long time, thanks to the media and the ‘politically correct’ agenda that rules politics nowadays.

Men have certain things that they secretly want but just can’t mention. The key to a man’s heart is unlocking these secrets. Women who manage to discover these secrets are the few that can claim to enjoy blissful relationships with their men.

Why You’re His Girlfriend and Not His Wife

what men secretly wantIn his guide What Men Secretly Want, James Bauer opens the lid on the can of secrets that men don’t tell you. These are the things that are probably keeping you in the girlfriend capacity instead of being his wife. John Bauer breaks down these things in a nice and simple way to understand.

Here are some of the reasons that John Bauer claims may be keeping you from the coveted position of wife:

You’re not confident – Every man finds a confident woman very attractive. If you lack self-esteem, it’s time you started working on it. Although your man may not say it, he craves a woman who is comfortable in her skin. So if you’re the type that needs constant reassurance, you need to work on your insecurities.

You’re not smart – This may be a little harsh but it’s reality; men love smart women. While it’s ok to behave like a bimbo in high school, in real-life it loses its novelty. Every man wants a woman who can stand as his equal. So be the intelligent woman that he so much loves to be his wife.

You’re materialistic – Truth is every man wants to treat their woman like a princess but that doesn’t mean that you should be demanding especially when it comes to material stuff. Allow your man the luxury of treating you to surprises without being demanding. If your demands mean that a man has to spend half his paycheck to satisfy you, then you won’t get a man to stick around for long.

You’re predictable – One of the things that kill the spark in a relation fast is routine. Men love a woman who is spontaneous. This means that you need to keep a bit of mystery about you and you’ll have him thinking about you all the time.

These are some of the things that John Bauer reveals about What Men Secretly Want. There are many other tips in the guide that literally open the door to a man’s heart. Every woman who seeks to understand men better and have more blissful relationships needs to get her hands on this guide.

Attraction Secrets From Magnetic Messaging

As if wooing women wasn’t complicated enough, men have to deal with the mysteries that come with subtle communication and body language that women utilize to great effect. Naturally, women are better communicators compared to men. They take communication seriously and they go to lengths to understand the meaning of every word you say.

This is why it is important to choose your words carefully when trying to woo a woman. In the magnetic messaging guide, Bobby Rio shows you how to use the power of words to attract any woman. Most importantly, Bobby shows you how to communicate using text messaging so as to create feelings of love and attraction in a woman.

The guide provides solid tips and techniques on how to master the art of texting especially when communicating with a potential lover. Remember, text messaging is a great communication channel for a girl to open up to you and for you to get to know her better.

Why Messaging Is Important For Attracting A Woman

magnetic messagingInside the guide, Bobby Rio makes a strong case for text messaging as a tool for attracting women. Firstly, messaging gives you time to think about what you want to say. You get plenty of time to phrase what you want to say exactly how you want to phrase it.

As mentioned previously, using text messaging to communicate with a woman you’ve just known allows you to understand her better and faster.

Also, it’s no secret now that most people spend a lot of time on their phones especially women. So she’s more likely to respond to text chats than any other means of communication.

The Techniques

Bobby Rio provides lots of sample texts and scenarios that you can learn from and apply in your own situation.

According to Bobby’s philosophy, you shouldn’t wait too long after meeting a girl before texting them. The understanding is that if a woman gave you her number, then she definitely did so expecting you to get in touch. Keep in mind that your first text is utterly important. If it’s a mess then you’ve probably blown your chances. You shouldn’t over think things either, according to Bobby.

The main technique in the guide is called the Keylock Sequence, which basically is a series of text messages you send in succession to solicit specific responses from a woman. These texts also serve to stir certain feelings in a woman.

There are many other techniques that build on this one and you’ll learn how to deal with different scenarios when communicating with a woman. For instance, if she is not responding to your texts, what do you do? You’ll also learn how to deal with jealous situations and how to play a little hard to get with texts.

Overall, Bobby Rio’s guide provides solid attraction tips and techniques that work. It’s a fresh take on how to communicate with a woman while wooing her. This is a guide that every man needs and you cannot go wrong one bit.

How To Cure Herpes Using Ultimate Herpes Protocol

As a highly contagious viral infection, you’d want to get rid of herpes as fast as you could. Unfortunately, the current available drug-based treatments simply offer temporary relief. You need to find something that eliminates the virus for good.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a natural-based treatment solution that promises to treat herpes for good. It is a product of Melanie Addington and provides a step-by-step treatment plan for both type I and II strains of herpes. The author claims that this treatment protocol works naturally and you will see changes right from the first time you start using the solution.

Since it was launched onto the Internet, it has been downloaded more than 7500 times, meaning more than 7500 people have put trust and faith in Melanie Addington’s treatment protocol to get rid of the infection.

How The Treatment Protocol Works

ultimate herpes protocolSo how does this much touted system work?

According to Melanie Addington, this is the only natural herpes solution that uses a three-pronged approach to defeat the infection, hence the word ‘Ultimate’ in the title.

In the first of the three approaches, the treatment protocol aims to boost your immune system so that your body can break down the virus’ protection coating. The herpes simplex virus (HSV) has its own robust defenses that enable it to evade your body’s natural defenses. So the first thing that the Ultimate Herpes Protocol solution does is boost your immune system to defeat the virus’ own defense system. In the end, not only will your immune system be robust enough to defeat HSV but will also protect you from other infections.

The second approach of Melanie Addington’s herpes protocol entails eliminating other opportunistic infections that may aid HSV. Specifically, the treatment targets certain bacteria that are known to provide fertile breeding ground for HSV to spread.

The final approach involves stopping HSV from ever morphing. This step kills off the virus finally so that you’ll be completely free of herpes.

Evidently, this three-pronged approach is not just about killing HSV but also stopping it from ever causing another infection. Moreover, your enhanced immune system will keep other infections far away from your body.


It is safe: The first obvious benefit of this treatment protocol is that is 100% safe even for long term use. It is a natural-based treatment system so there are no risks of side effects.

Proven method: The second benefit is that Melanie’s technique has been proven to work. She claims that she used the same technique to cure her own herpes infection and more than 7500 people have also put trust in the solution.

Unique Approach: If you’re tired of predictable anti-viral drugs, the three-pronged approach used in this protocol is a fresh of breath air that offers a real solution to herpes.

Works for everyone: Finally, this treatment protocol was created to work for any person suffering from herpes, regardless of where they live or their background. It treats both strains of the virus.

How To Grow Bigger Breast Naturally Using Boost Your Bust

Do you want to grow bigger breasts or should you really grow them in the first place? The truth is that it’s entirely up to you but if you’re like most women, bigger breasts may greatly boost your confidence. In a world where appearances mean much more than what you can offer, it is only natural that you’d want a bigger bust.

When it comes to breast enhancement, you’re not limited on choices. A lot of women have chosen breast implants as they offer ‘instant’ results. However, they are very costly and also come with their own set of complications. Let’s face it; we’ve all heard those horror stories about implants and you probably don’t want to be the one telling it tomorrow.

Your best and safest bet is to try a natural option. While a natural alternative is a wise choice, you cannot gain more than 2 cup sizes no matter how good the solution is, so keep that in mind. That being said, the long term benefits far outweigh any downsides of natural solutions.

Boost Your Bust is proving to be the number one natural solution for breast enhancement.

The Claims

boost your bustThe main claim made by this program is that you can gain up to two cup sizes within 8 weeks by applying the breast enhancement techniques provided. Overall, this claim is within the attainable limits of natural breast enhancement methods. However, your success level will largely depend on how effectively you implement the provided techniques.

In addition, it may take a while before you see any significant results from your best efforts. If you chose this program, you must be ready to wait as you apply the techniques religiously.

The Strategies

The program offers various strategies for enhancing your breasts naturally including the following:

Hormonal Strategies – These mainly entail the use of various herbs to boost estrogen as well as other hormones that enhance breast growth. These herbs are probably all known to you but the author’s ingenious way of mixing them is what will blow you away.

Exercise Strategies – The hormonal drive is what really kicks off the growth process but without exercises, your breasts can never become firm. The exercise strategies are designed to give your breasts lift and firmness which ultimately makes your bust look bigger. Of course, you also reap all other benefits of regular exercise.

Posture and Fashion Strategies

Most women overlook the importance of posture towards making your bust appear bigger. However, the Boost Your Bust program offers real practical advice for posture and clothing that makes your bust look bigger than it really is. This is a quick handy fix when you need to get that appearance and look the part or boost your self-esteem – if only temporarily.

The Author

Jenny Bolton is the author of this program and she explains that it took her quite some time researching and testing various natural breast enhancement methods until she discovered a technique that seemed to work for her very well. That’s what she shares in this program and hopes that you’ll find the techn ique useful as well in your quest for bigger breasts.

Make Natural Skin Beauty Creams Using Skin Whitening Forever

Currently, there is an obsession for whiter, fairer skin. Millions of women across the globe are searching for ways to make their skin lighter. From Africa to the Caribbean, black women want to appear lighter for various reasons. Consequently, this has given rise to a multi-billion dollar bleaching industry that manufacturers, markets, and sells bleaching agents. Predictably, these chemical-based agents are potentially harmful to your skin as well as your health in general.

If you decide to whiten your skin, it’s important to find natural-based alternatives. They don’t harm your skin yet give permanent results. Also, they are cheap and easy to apply.

Whitening The Safe Way

skin whitening foreverSkin Whitening Forever is a natural-based solution that gives you a lighter skin tone. Created by dermatologist and chiropractic doctor Eden Diaz, the system provides info about natural ingredients you can use to make your own natural creams that lighten and soothe your skin. It is safe to use even for a long time and this is a big plus for this product.

As already mentioned, there are countless chemical-based skin whitening products on the market but in most cases, you’ll not get the results you expect or if you do, the benefits will be short lived. Moreover, you can also expect a plethora of side effects   when using chemical-based products. Reversing those effects may be difficult or even impossible.

With this system, you need not worry about adverse effects. The best part about this system is that it treats things like freckles, spots, lines, marks, acne, and uneven skin tone, among other things. The end result is a lighter skin free of impurities. It’s really no wonder because the creator is someone who has spent a fair share of time researching skin treatments and working with hundreds of clients.

In addition to natural creams, this system provides diet info that may be useful for your skin. Not only does the food you eat determine the health of your body but also that of your skin.

Flawless Skin

Every woman’s dream is to have a flawless skin. While some are naturally gifted with a fair and flawless skin, others are not so lucky and have to depend on skin products. The difference with Eden Diaz’ product is that it gives you flawless skin, in addition to the lightening effect.

Being a natural-based product, the results come gradually with Skin Whitening Forever. They are not drastic as with chemical-based products. You need to be a little patient though and consistence is key here. what you put in is what you get. Eden Diaz provides everything you need to gain a fairer skin that’s free of impurities. The rest is up to you.

Wrapping Up

In the end, this natural skin whitening solution will save you a lot of money but most importantly, it will save you from adverse effects of chemical based solutions. It is easy to use and very affordable. It uses certified natural ingredients that are easy to get even from ordinary grocery strores.

Metabolic Cooking Busts Healthy Eating Market Wide Open

While experts keep banging on about the need for fat persons to change up their diets, i.e. eliminating junk foods and replacing them with lashings of fresh fruits and veggies, the difficulty for some folks lies in retaining the satisfaction factor in their daily dining.

To be fair, the fact that junk food has become incredibly popular over the years is due in part to the fact it is genuinely finger-lickin’ good. The bottom line is fat people wouldn’t chow down on it with such gusto if it didn’t tickle their taste buds so effectively.

metabolic cookingThus, the problem for people hell-bent on dropping pounds is replacing what tastes darned good with something that makes for equally scintillating mealtimes.

Sadly, there is a long history of health foods falling far short of fat people’s expectations. When they switch over to these diets, obese people are often stunned by the lack of the flavor factor. But, unlike thin folks, who are able to adapt to dull food – because of their over-arching desire to avoid piling on the pounds – fatties cannot alter the habits of a lifetime. Consequently, they usually cut and run, going back to necking burgers, fries, pies, and sugar-crammed puddings sometimes within a matter of just days. It seems they cannot live without having their taste cravings heavily indulged on a daily basis.

Until recently, this ‘flavor gap’ seemed to be an intractable problem, because seemingly no healthy diet could match junk for diner satisfaction. The good news, though, is that state of affairs is set to change with the introduction of metabolic cooking. The latter is a new style of food preparation which is being rolled out in a number of different healthy eating recipe books and programs currently being peddled online. These are aimed at fat people wanting a weight-loss solution without compromising an inch on taste.

The developers of the new cooking theory have also discovered that this style of meal preparation has a double benefit for those who chomp on the recipes. In addition to delivering top class nutrition and great diner satisfaction, this new metabolic recipe style is designed to major on foodstuffs that are phenomenal fat-zappers.

Whereas some foods are tasty as hell but have the drawback that they kick-start the body’s fat-storage mode, these fat-zapping foods do the opposite – they force the body to burn up fats and oily substances at an incredible rate.

Whereas today’s fat people have gotten used to disappointment, this new metabolic trend could be the key to their finally achieving weight-loss success. Now, at last, they have a template for meal preparation that will satisfy their cravings for a top quality taste experience, while at the same time getting their bodies working overtime blasting fat out of existence.

Some critics say that metabolic is unproven, and that the very notion of a fat-zapper is junk science, but these pundits are simply talking out of their asses. They have not even tried the products concerned, so the question is why are they so eager to rubbish them in the articles they write?

It’s Cheap and Easy to Make Women Want You

As a man in your prime, do you ever harbor the deep-seated fear that life is passing you by? Do you look at other men and see them enjoying the fruits of love with a cavalcade of women, while at the same time you are forced to languish alone and unwanted?

If so, you will no doubt readily acknowledge that getting spurned by females day after day is far from being a recipe for tip top mental health. Whereas being in demand sexually is guaranteed to make one’s self-esteem skyrocket, the reverse can easily pitch one headlong into a misery trap.

make women want youNow, the biggest mistake that men who fail with women make is to become misogynistic. Men reading this should beware of becoming jaded and cynical when it comes to their attitudes to women, because it will lead only to a permanent cycle of failure. Rather, they should take a deep breath and put their own personalities and habits in the spotlight. If no woman is interested in you, maybe it’s because you are perceived as being worthless. But the question is what can you do to turn things around and make women want you?

Well, to be fair, there is no one simple answer to this. Without question, lots of men reading this may benefit from getting a better haircut and some new, more fashionable togs. Furthermore, in some cases there could well be advantages to adopting a more rigorous routine regarding personal cleanliness and oral hygiene.

But, even when a man has cleaned himself up, got some new clothes, and sports a more fashionable haircut, he may find that the gals still don’t come flocking. So, what to do?

While looks are unquestionably important, and ugly men are certainly on a hiding to nothing, personality has a massive role to play as well. Here, men would be well advised to check out the wise words of a number of the high-profile pick-up artistes on the scene today. While these pick-up men may be a little slimy in some cases, there is no arguing with the fact that they know plenty about how to get intimate with women galore.

The good news for lovelorn men today is that a number of the world’s greatest pick-up artistes have turned self-published authors in the last few years. That means any man can gain access to their ‘trade secrets’ on payment of quite a modest fee.

These downloadable PDFs and e-books offer lonely guys the possibility of upping their ‘game’ in a matter of a few short weeks. In that time, they can learn tried and trusted psychological manipulation techniques as well as specific pick-up lines that are known to work well in snagging a wide variety of females.

Some tightwads may object to the idea of spending their hard-earned cash on a product of this kind, believing that it does not guarantee positive results and could indeed be nothing but a scam. Those are fair objections, but they are swept aside when you take into account that buyers of these e-books can usually claim a full refund if they are dissatisfied with their purchase. Often, this applies even after a whopping sixty or more days. That makes books of this kind a no-brainer for any man who wants to be a success in the love game.

The Biggest Fat Loss Factor for Dropping Pounds in the New Year

The Christmas and New Year Holidays are a time not only of joy for most people but also concern over the amount of food and drink they tuck away during these two weeks of excess. However, for fat people, the Holiday season is only the icing on the cake, because for these corpulent folk overindulgence is the name of the game right through the year.

Yet, despite this massive elephant in the room, many fat people refuse to consider the possibility that they might need to change their ways if they want to shed pounds any time soon. More often than not, obese folks reject the common sense approach to zapping fat and instead look for alternative weight loss solutions, and without question they are especially enamored of any ‘cure’ that allows them to carrying on chowing down on their favorite junk foods with no changes to their daily diets and lifestyles.

fat loss factorBy contrast, thin and moderately sized people are aware of the connection between eating too much and piling on unwanted pounds. That is why they keep an eye on their food intake for the most part. At Christmas and New Year, they reckon they have a licence to celebrate in fine style, but typically they rein back the excess come the New Year.

With fat people, it is an entirely different story. They can eat and drink with the best of them during the Holidays but, when the New Year bells have finished clanging, it’s back to business as usual – eating and drinking to excess for every last one of the 365 days of the next year!

This madness leads one to ask: when will obese people get the message that the biggest fat loss factor by far is their own approach to diet, nutrition, and lifestyle? If they could knuckle down and make the vital adjustments in their own lives, they could be looking forward to a bright and beautiful 2015. Instead they are likely to be staring down the barrel of even more weight gain during the coming year.

While mainstream medicine and the alternative health sphere are often worlds apart in their approaches to smashing obesity, they are mostly agreed that eating healthy food in moderate amounts is key to reversing weight gain. Furthermore, they agree that fat persons need to take regular physical exercise. If they dodge exertion and instead remain sedentary throughout the week, this is likely to be yet another pack of nails in their coffin.

Where alternative practitioners are willing to go deeper is in suggesting that certain foodstuffs could not only be healthy but they might also assist in burning up fats and oils. The idea of fat-burning foods is gaining a lot of interest nowadays, and fat people would do well to look into the topic. Without doubt there are products that can help fat people slim down, but they should understand that they still need to shift their own eating habits and also increase their physical exertion day to day. Without such changes, no fat-burning product can work miracles on its own.

For a Truly Happy New Year, Look for a Good Family Survival System

Although the clang of church bells and the fizzing of fireworks ushering in the New Year may lead to some people feeling temporarily optimistic about the future, you can bet that gloom will reassert itself within a week or two if not sooner. The fact is there are so many disasters waiting to engulf this country that optimism cannot be a part of the equation for sensible folks. Effectively, that means there is pretty much nothing to look forward to.

Of course, some naysayers will deny that the future is bleak. They point to the fact that, within fourteen years of the beginning of the previous century, the first of two catastrophic wars had already begun. By contrast, they argue, and notwithstanding the ongoing War on Terror, this century is still on track to deliver greater prosperity and peace to people all over the globe. They draw attention, as well, to the way the latest and greatest smart phones, along with a wide variety of other technological advances, are making life more enjoyable and satisfying for people today.

family survival systemWell, that’s as may be, but there are a number of facts that cannot be dodged. The first is that the current baiting of the Russian ‘bear’ could easily lead to the West getting one hell of a lot more than it bargained for in return! Furthermore, ever-rising ocean levels and soaring global temperatures are threatening to play merry hell with the world’s food supply in the near future. The thing to remember in this regard – and many a historian will echo this – is that whenever food shortages rear their ugly head war is never far behind!

With the above in mind, not to mention the fact that there are a host of other serious concerns, increasing numbers of clued-in folks are looking to make meaningful practical preparations for saving their skins. Rather than assuming the status quo will persist come hell or high water, they are looking at putting in place a family survival system of one kind or another.

When food shortages are one of the biggest threats, it is understandable that laying in supplies of non-perishable comestibles is a fundamental plank of ‘prepping’ today. Nevertheless, this is only one facet of the preparations families need to make if they are to stand a realistic chance of surviving a societal breakdown.

Other factors that folks need to consider are the need for weaponry, and the advisability of relocating to an area well clear of the inner city.

Some folks today may deplore the fact that citizens are permitted by law to tote guns. They get riled up by spree killings, which admittedly have become a major negative feature of modern American society, but they ignore the elephant in the room – people will most certainly need to be armed after ‘armageddon’, in order to protect themselves from rampaging mobs!

Furthermore, city living is said to be unbeatable for today’s monied classes, who enjoy a quality lifestyle in upmarket condominiums adjacent to stores and malls that supply their every need in terms of groceries and consumer goods. But this idea ignores the threat of societal collapse. That’s why it is imperative that families look at relocating themselves to a potentially safer place – up in the mountains and deep in the backwoods, or basically anywhere that is miles away from the major cities and urban areas.

Adonis Golden Ratio – Fitness for Men Built on Sound Principles

In the modern era, it is fair to say that interest in bodybuilding and muscle-building for men has soared. Never before have there been so many gymansium and exercise centers as there are today. Sometimes it seems like there’s one of these establishments on more or less every corner, and they all seem to be doing good business.

In some ways it’s great that there seems to be an antidote to the skyrocketing rates of obesity in this country. After all, if fat men have a template for blasting off the fat and building up a set of lean muscles, what’s not to love?

adonis golden ratioWell, the big problem is that the body these fitness addicts end up with is not necessarily the one they originally bargained for. Whereas, they may have hoped to zap unwanted fat and replace it with muscle, they can and do often finish up with muscles that bulge excessively, and in unusual places, too.

Of course, many men who become gym addicts swear blind that they are happy with their new bods, and they wouldn’t change them for the world. They meet up with their fellow gym users and compare notes on where their muscles are getting bigger and bigger. However, what they usually don’t notice until it is too late is their declining success rate in snagging women.

For every inch of muscle that gym gorillas pump up beyond acceptable norms, there is usually a corresponding drop in their attractiveness to gals. Basically, females are not usually attracted to these monstrosities, although there are a few who buck this trend.

A number of researchers have been looking into this topic of late, and they say that archetypes of male beauty have stayed pretty constant over the centuries. In other words, what was true in the time of the Ancient Greeks remains true today. This principle can be summed up as the Adonis Golden Ratio, which describes the correct mathematical relationship between a man’s waist measurement and the dimensions of his chest and biceps.

According to the researchers, if you put these figures together, you get the perfect male body, which also happens to be the body profile that gets women buzzing around like flies. Sadly for men who are embroiled in the iron game, it is a different body profile to the one they have been working towards. This explains why women are not driven wild (in fact, they are generally repulsed) by the sight of a man who is too attached to pumping iron.

The bad news for men today is that the majority of bodybuilding and fitness instructors are completely ignorant of these facts. They keep on pushing the same ideas on bodybuilding down the throats of men who sign up for exertion programs. That, of course, is a potential disaster, but it is one that clever men can easily dodge if they take the time to look into a number of new fitness and muscle-development programs that are based on ‘Adonis’ principles as outlined above.